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Quality Stone & Porcelain Tile in San Diego

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Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles: TOP

Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles               Ceramic/Porcelain Tiles

You have several choices when it comes to flooring, but no other flooring can match the durability, value and timeless look of ceramic/porcelain tile. Although quietly beautiful, ceramic tiles are deceptively tough. Ceramic Tile is extremely scratch resistant, temperature tolerant and stain resistant. Qualities you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Ceramic tiles are also a cinch to clean; usually just a little light wiping or damp-mopping does the trick.

Tiling is an environmentally safe, natural choice for flooring and a popular choice for those who browse our directory for San Diego Porcelain Tile. Ceramic tile lasts much longer than most other flooring materials, so over time there’s less wasted money and materials. It’s no wonder people turn to tile time and time again for their flooring needs.

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 Natural Stone: TOP

Stylish, sophisticated and easy to maintain -Natural Stones can transform any room into a work of art. You\’ll find thousands of tiles to fit your taste and budget all around San Diego, CA.  Natural stones such as Granite, Marble, Travertine, Limestone, Slate and Onyx add beauty, value and style to your home or business. possibilities are endless.

To help you shop smart for natural stone flooring, here’s a rundown on five popular stones: granite, marble, limestone, travertine and  slate stone.

What is Granite? TOP

San Diego Porcelain Tile Granite stone tiles San Diego Porcelain Tile Companies

Granite is one of the hardest and densest of all natural stone. In fact, made up of quartz, feldspar and mica, granite is one of the hardest stones next to diamond.

It also resists staining and scratching better than any other natural stone due to its density.

Granite makes a powerful impact in kitchens, entryways and bathrooms, or as an accent with other natural stone tiles.

What is Marble? TOP

San Diego Porcelain Tile Marble stone tiles San Diego Porcelain Tile Companies

Marble is crystallized limestone that comes in many different color variations and usually displays a veining pattern that adds to its uniqueness. Marble is a timeless addition to any home, bearing the signs and marks of history from thousands of years.

Marble is more porous than granite, making it more susceptible to staining and therefore is more suitable for your foyers, bathrooms, fireplaces, studies or libraries.  A note to you on marble color. It is important to know that green and black marbles are not recommended for wet areas of the home, such as a shower.

What is Limestone? TOP

San Diego Porcelain Tile                  San Diego Porcelain Tile Companies

Limestone has a more subtle look and is often offered in a “honed” or matte finish. Limestone is created by the accumulation of organic materials such as shells and coral. This stone will require preventative maintenance over time, as it is very porous. As it is a softer and more porous stone it may not be suitable for all areas in the home because it will stain easily.

Important note. You should know that this stone should be sealed to protect the stone’s natural beauty and performance.

porcelain tile san diego

Stone & Porcelain Tile in San Diego

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What is Travertine? TOP

San Diego Porcelain Tile       Travertine tiles    San Diego Porcelain Tile Companies

Travertine is a unique looking stone due to the “fill process”. In its original form, travertine has thousands of holes running through it. These holes are filled and then the stone is polished. The stone polishes to a high sheen and the fill areas remain dull offering you a unique and beautiful floor. However, like limestone, travertine will require you to have preventative maintenance performed over time, due to its porosity. Another top choice for those searching our San Diego Porcelain Tile directories.

What is Slate? TOP

San Diego Porcelain Tile Slate tiles Stone San Diego Porcelain Tile Companies

Slate, a rustic-looking stone, has become increasing popular over the years. It comes in various colors and shades in the warm and earthy tones. Slate has some of the most dramatic color variations from tile to tile. Colors range from rich reds, oranges and golds, to mauve, lavender, green, blue, black, rust and brown. Imagine the possibilities in your home! Slate tile is extremely durable and can be used in indoor and outdoor installations. All slate has a natural clefting along the surface that gives this stone its unique textural look of layers.